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Are you interested in a University Diploma on "Hypertension & Cardiovascular Risk"?

Following the recommendations of Pr Pierre Yared, dean of the Faculty, the Pr Roland Asmar, in collaboration with Pr Wael Chalak established a University Diploma (UD) in "Hypertension & Cardiovascular Risk" at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Lebanese University. This UD is similar to the Inter-University Diploma (IUD) realized in France at the Universities of Paris, Montpellier, Tours, and Grenoble.
This is the first UD in Hypertension and Cardiovascular risk in the Middle East. Courses that involve national and international outstanding professors, will introduce Medical Doctors (or students ending their medical degree course), PhDs, Pharmacists (Pharm D & BSc Pharm), etc) to the latest advancement of the mechanisms of Hypertension (HTN), blood pressure measurement (Brachial, Central, Clinical, ABPM, …), evaluation of HTN patients, Resistant & Secondary HTN, HTN in specific populations, Management & Treatment of HTN,…
The "Foundation- Medical Research Institutes" (F-MRI ®), chaired by Pr Roland Asmar, has now started registrations for this UD that will remain open until August 13th 2015.

The general announcement for this UD
The announcement Letter
Procedure of Application

Pour l'Année Academique 2015-2016 en DU/ARC:
Lettre d'annonce pour l'inscription
« Assistant de Recherche Clinique – ARC »&« Technicien en Etudes Cliniques – TEC »
Un diplôme universitaire (DU) : « Fondamentaux en Recherche Médicale »
Procedure of application UD/ CRA PROGRAM
PURPOSE of " Fundamentals in Medical Research"

Voir Programme DU/ARC pour l'année académique 2014-2015.

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