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Pr. R. Asmar   
Word of the Chairman " F-MRI "

Research, especially in the health area, represents a major issue with respect to the economic and social development of a country.

The Foundation- Medical Research Institutes,F-MRI ®,a public utility and non- profit organization regulated by the Swiss law,has the objective to develop the research activity in medical sciences in the Mediterranean/Middle East region;this will be realized according to an academic, inter-university and translational approaches.

The project: "Development of the Medical Research in the Middle-East" has been supported by several governmental and academic institutions and will be developed in close collaboration with them.

The project includes several themes, all identified as crucial for the development of research; they will be realized at different phases according to a predefined schedule:

  • Education on medical research
  • Creation of clinical research centres
  • Initiation of medical research projects
  • Development of research networks
  • Other development issues: Public Health research projects, publishing and editorial activities.

On behalf of the entire F-MRI® team, I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to every person who contributed, contributes and will contribute to the success of this honorable mission and ambitious project.

Wish this project all the success it deserves.

Pr. R. Asmar

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